Here are the 7 interrelated drivers required to lead your organization to similar 99th percentile performance…and the glue that holds it all together… Congruence

While it might be appealing to think you could just nail ONE thing and get to 99th percentile performance…that’s just flat out wrong…If it were only one thing - anyone could do it.

There’s a reason it’s called 99th percentile performance - only a tiny fraction of the organizations will get to this level. 

Most aren’t willing to do what it takes to get…and stay…there.

Are you?

Be 99 Framework™

Cheryl created the Be 99 Framework in order to capture & share the proven + proprietary method used she used to lead her hospital to 99th percentile performance for each of the five years she served as the President of the hospital.

While there is certainly more to this Framework than what you see here. . . you will find some great, and unbelievably challenging questions, to start you on this path. 

When we come alongside you as your guide on the journey to 99th percentile performance, we use this Framework as the foundation for our work together to unlock 99th percentile performance inside your company.  

This is by no means the end, but it will allow you to begin by asking these deep questions inside your organization.

To use this on your own, start with Clarity and move around the Framework clockwise.  The drivers build on each other.

Each driver has a question that the leader(s) need to answer, then it cascades out to the individual contributor level, and next out to your teams, and finally out to your entire organization.

As you dig in this Framework, we’d love to hear from you!

reCalibrate is on a relentless mission to share these drivers so that as many organizations as possible will hit 99th percentile performance.  

Are you up for it?

Welcome to the journey!

If If you’d like to explore what it would be like to have us as your guide on your journey to 99th percentile performance, reach out and let’s get rocking and rolling…

Clarity image (Blue coffee cup).jpeg


It all starts here. The Founder or C-Suite leaders HAVE to have it. But so do your people. 

This is flat out nothing less than Table Stakes. Seriously.

And at the risk of sounding harsh, we’re just not seeing it. We have NEVER yet partnered with an organization who didn’t have some challenges here…

Without clarity throughout your organization, you and your people are just spinning your wheels.

You feel busy. You may even feel manic. But unless shared clarity is driving the bus…

…nothing lasting will happen. 

Calendar image (notebook).jpeg


When you’ve had the discipline to drive clarity throughout your organization, you are in a very small & select group who have done so. Kudos!

But for this hard won clarity to move you forward in a systematic, relentless way, everyone’s calendar must reflect choices that will bring this clarity to life. And this is increasingly rare.

When we begin work with an organization, we look at the leader’s calendars to see what they ‘really’ think is important. 

This is a major reason we don’t see potential become reality.

Communication (colored people & bubbles).jpeg


As a leader if your people don’t trust you, anything that comes from you will be suspect and lead to cynicism. 

Like clarity, trust is a requirement for communication to truly take place.

You must feel like you over-communicate to your people. It’s noisy out there..  This never ends. Never.

You set the standard for what you expect communication to look like across your organization. 

If you don’t do it well - we can practically guarantee that neither will your people.


Wow, does this driver strike a nerve…a serious nerve. Every single person who has seen the Be 99 Framework has keyed on the Leader question for Control. 

It really doesn’t matter how engaged and innovative your people want to be - lack of alignment here will kill it.

Rarely do we see the necessary alignment between responsibility and authority when we first start working with an organization. 

It could be because the organizational chart is out of whack, or that leaders and managers hold too tightly to all decisions…becoming a serious chokepoint that prevents forward movement.

If you’d like us as your guide, reach out and let’s get rocking and rolling…

Challenge (yellow coffee cup).jpeg


To hit and maintain 99th percentile performance, you have to relentlessly aim HIGH. 

If you’re not constantly pushing to be better, you’re going to stall out. 

We see way too often that companies & their people have settled into a rut, and aren’t relentlessly pushing their boundaries.

Or, so much disconnected change is happening that people don’t know which way to aim! They want to do the right thing, but who knows what that is exactly?

Nailing this attitude and approach, and then communicating it effectively, is required to engage your people’s innovative mindset. 

Really, who gets jazzed about being ‘average’?

Community (thumbs up).jpeg


We’ve come to see that we define this in a unique, all-encompassing way. 

Community is everyone who touches, and is touched by, your organization. It starts at the leadership level.

You have to show how it’s done - you first have to take care of yourself so you can take action that will wow your team and your community.  Do you know what’s truly possible for you when you’re at the top of your game? 

Of course, you need your people to be raving fans of your organization, and you want to delight your stakeholders, community, vendors, customers, etc. . . everyone who comes into contact with you.

Are they?

Competitive Edge (red balloons).jpeg

Competitive Edge

We don’t have the ‘luxury’ of a static world any longer. 

You have to be able to stay relevant and engaging in a fluid world. 

You can’t do this if you haven’t brought the other drivers to life. 

You and your senior team can’t pull this off by yourself - you need your people to show up and lend their insight, expertise and energy to keeping you relevant.

The way in which you answer the other questions in this Framework will determine how strong your competitive edge truly is.

Obviously, there is more to a sustainable competitive edge than answering the few questions we’ve posed for you…but it will offer you a solid platform to leap from…

Congruence (marbles).jpeg


When we first began sharing this Be 99 Framework, we were asked a fantastic question. 

It was “which one of the drivers would leaders have to nail to unlock 99th percentile performance?” 

Our response - anyone can nail just one. It is the interplay of all of them that unlocks a company’s potential to Be 99

These drivers must all work together seamlessly. 

Don’t mistake me here - we certainly weren’t perfect leaders. 

Perfection is not required, and not possible as long as you’re breathing - but you must move these all forward in a synchronous way.

Ignoring even one driver sets you up to fail. They build on each other…

Perfection is not required, but Congruence absolutely is…

If you’d like us as your guide, reach out and let’s get rocking and rolling…