What is F E A R keeping you from trying?


My girls are no longer alive (and this isn't one of them) but I have a soft spot in my heart for horses. They are such an interesting mix of fear and boldness - and it makes perfect sense to them even if the pitiful human doesn't get it. LOL.

I've been thinking a lot lately about fear. When I feel it. WHY I feel it. What I'm really afraid of...

And I've come to realize that it really bites me when I don't realize I'm acting, or not-acting, due to fear. I absolutely get that I'm afraid of snakes, and I have no issue with that, thank you very much.

But, I've also faced the fact that I'm good at providing 'logical reasons' for my behavior, and sometimes it's really just fear.

For example, when I decided to expand my coaching practice, I told myself quite a few stories about why now was not the time, or...pick your story...

Haven't you done that too?

I've discovered that just labeling it what it is: F E A R
allows me to move forward and recognize the emotion and not let it stop me from moving forward.

I challenge you to spend some time just thinking...how does fear show up in YOUR life? And, the real question, what are you going to do about it?

Love to hear from you...whether you comment, reply to the post, or fill out the Let's Chat form...

Take care.