Want More Confidence? Here's How...


What does confidence mean to you? 

A feeling of self-assurance arising from one's appreciation of one's own abilities or qualities.

e.g. "she's brimming with confidence"

Recently, as I’ve been coaching people, quite a few have talked about wanting more confidence.

Have you said that too?  Or thought it?

“If only I had more confidence, I would…”   “If I felt more confident, I could…”

Here’s the problem.

It comes AFTER we take action, but we wait to feel it BEFORE we step out...

Especially when you’re trying to grow and stretch, and develop more skills, you WON’T feel confident. 

So, it is a vicious cycle – you wait for confidence before you step out and try something – but you won’t feel confident until you’ve started to see you can do something…whatever your something is.

So, we wait for a feeling that will never come.

Stop, and let that really sink in. 

Yes, I mean really, really, sink in.

Because when it does, it will change the way you act.  The risks you take.

Take a minute and write down 3 things that you feel confident about right now… comfortable in your ability to easily do.

Now, pause, and think about when you became confident.

It was after you had done it successfully, right?  You may not have nailed it exactly the way you wanted, but you began to believe you could do this. After you tried it. 

So you did.

And then you did it again. And again.  And now, you don’t even think about doing it.

But, have you forgotten that at one point it did intimidate you?  You didn’t feel confident.

We act as if magically we must feel confident before we try something new…

That is a perfect recipe to keep us stuck.

If you want to increase the actions/behaviors in which you feel confident, there is only one way.

You must try things that you’re not confident in.

You must be willing to be uncomfortable.

You must be willing to stretch and learn and accept that your first time will not be flawless.  And your second time isn’t likely to be perfect either.

I wish I knew who to attribute this statement to, because it is so true. 

“Practice doesn’t make perfect.  Perfect practice makes perfect.”

Are you committed to becoming you? 

Enough to brave being uncomfortable trying new things?

This is the road to confidence.

If you know what that looks like for you – awesome!

If you’re not sure which step to take, Here’s my offer for you…

An absolutely no strings attached offer of up to an hour of a complimentary coaching session. 

We may want to work together further, or this may be all you need.  Who knows?

Our shared goal:  to see how we can move you forward into taking intentional action that will help you grow and stretch!

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Can’t wait to meet you!