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Everyone here at reCalibrate has great depth of experience in their respective areas - you’re not getting theory here, you’re working with people who’ve ‘been there, done that’ with success, and who can help you move to the next level.

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Aaron Bujnowski, Strategy & M&A

Aaron is an expert strategist who spent over 4 years with The Boston Consulting Group. Currently, he serves as the Chief Strategy Officer at a $5B integrated healthcare delivery system. In addition to his ability to develop insightful, yet pragmatic strategic plans, he has deep expertise in M & A, having participated in some of the largest mergers and private equity deals on record. During his 9 years at The Dow Chemical Company, he held roles in business development, innovation & optimization.

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Jen Roberts, OD & Leadership

Jen has successfully led and advised senior leaders on organizational development, talent management, and succession planning initiatives for more than 17 years and knows what sets successful organizations and leaders apart from the competition. She has enjoyed working with leaders across more than 20 corporate industries, higher education, and local government. Jen is a leading expert helping executives and business unit leaders proactively develop and retain high-potential leaders with difficult-to-find skill sets to maximize performance and reduce expensive turnover, in order to drive lasting change.

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Wendy Sabin, CFO

Wendy brings to bear her expertise honed with the Big 4 accounting firms, top hedge funds, a Fortune 50 company and numerous emerging mid-market companies. She delights in assisting CEO’s in transforming their operations, with a laser focus on improving the financial side of their business. Her launch point is developing insight (not tactics) to design customized strategy that not only increases profits, but simultaneously develops stronger leaders. She is a CPA who blends her operational experience with her finance expertise to unearth the real sources of profit problems, so they can be successfully addressed.

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Shelley Smith, Culture Curator

Shelley D. Smith is a best-selling author, consultant & speaker. She is laser focused on the impact of a healthy culture on a company’s ability to increase profitability, decrease unwanted employee turnover, improve customer satisfaction, increase sales and retain top talent.  She delivers authentic, focused, actionable and measurable results efficiently…and partners with you to ensure they can be long-term solutions.

Shelley is highly skilled at adapting to the uniqueness of varying business environments having worked successfully with firms as diverse as banking, investment, property management, energy, real estate, restaurant and hospitality, health care, retail, not for profit organizations, IT, education, accounting and the US Navy.

Having worked as a senior executive in the hospitality industry and as a successful entrepreneur, Shelley understands what it takes to move the needle in both types of environments.

Her clients have experienced results such as reductions in turnover ranging from 25% – 60% in just one year, a 10% increase in employee engagement in a single year, a 5% topline revenue bump in six short months and up to a 15% increase in profit in only one year. 

Culture drives your business and Shelley has a proprietary system to help diagnose the aspects of your culture that are impeding your performance, and then partnering with you to close those gaps to measurably improve your outcomes.  She will be candid with you about what she finds, and without judgment, will guide you in the actions you need to take to help you succeed.

Shelley conducts a range of assessments/surveys including employee satisfaction, employee engagement, individual behavioral and cognitive assessments, 360 degree assessments and trust surveys on an organizational level.  She also conducts compensation reviews and assists with budget preparation for both for-profit and not-for-profit organizations.  She is an expert at assessing the need for conversions from 1099 to W2, and then laying out a course of action to minimize potential angst on the part of leadership or your current team.  And she is certainly an expert in customizing leadership and development workshops that she delivers in an engaging, effective way for your team.

Whether your business is large or small, Shelley can support your efforts to align your culture to drive measurable business results.  She has worked with firms with only 10 employees all the way to those with over 120,000 employees, and revenues of $3M to $250B.