Here are the 7 interrelated drivers required to lead your organization to similar 99th percentile performance…and the glue that holds it all together… Congruence

While it might be appealing to think you could just nail ONE thing and get to 99th percentile performance…that’s just flat out wrong…If it were only one thing - anyone could do it.

There’s a reason it’s called 99th percentile performance - only a tiny fraction of the organizations will get to this level. 

Most aren’t willing to do what it takes to get…and stay…there.

Are you?

Be99™ Guiding Questions

Cheryl created the Be99™ Guiding Questions in order to capture & share the proven + proprietary methodologies she used to lead her hospital to 99th percentile performance for each of the five years she served as President of the hospital.

While there is certainly more to the Be99™ Guiding Questions than what you see here. . . you will find some great, and unbelievably challenging, questions to start you on this path. 

When we come alongside you as your guide on the journey to 99th percentile performance, we use these Be99™ Guiding Questions as the foundation for our work together to unlock 99th percentile performance inside your company.  

This is by no means the end, but it will allow you to begin by asking these deep questions inside your organization.

To use this on your own, start with Clarity and move around the Be99™ Guiding Questions clockwise. The drivers build on each other.

Each driver has a question that the leader(s) need to answer, then it cascades out to the individual contributor level, and next out to your teams, and finally out to your entire organization.

As you dig in our Be99™ Guiding Questions, we’d love to hear from you!

reCalibrate is on a relentless mission to share these drivers so that as many organizations as possible will hit 99th percentile performance.  

Are you up for it?


Welcome to the journey!

If If you’d like to explore what it would be like to have us as your guide on your journey to 99th percentile performance, reach out and let’s get rocking and rolling…