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Our proven methodologies, framework & strategies are built on achieving top level results even in challenging environments…because what you do matters…

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case studies

Discover how two company founders went from years of playing russian roulette to seizing the opportunity for transformational performance improvement


Discover how one company operating in a constrained & highly regulated environment with minimal flexibility and still achieving a bottom line increase of over 50%


Discover how one company’s founder released their chokehold on their people & processes and began to build leadership depth 


client experience

Oh, crap Cheryl! Thank you for that perspective shift. I sure hope you ‘own’ just how amazing you are at helping highly intelligent people to get out of their own way and see things from a whole new direction. Because that perspective shift is required for people to step into making the pivots they need to make if they want to get where they’re trying to go.”

“Working with Cheryl and her team has helped our organization take the necessary steps to strengthen our management team, improve our processes, and become a better overall company. She helped navigate through challenges that I knew needed to be taken on, but avoided because they were outside of my comfort zone. Being able to work with people that are familiar with similar situations gives you the insight and confidence to initiate and complete these transformations.” 

“Tough question...........the most helpful (aspect of our work together) was making me see the needs/holes in our organization and helping develop a plan to fill those needs/holes allowing the company and myself to continue to grow. (I would absolutely recommend reCalibrate to other leaders and organizations)… "It's amazing how different your company can be in just one year."

“Cheryl has been an amazing resource as we are reorganizing and expanding our business. Her objective perspective and expansive knowledge is exactly what we have needed to help get a better pulse on the health of our business and to identify and fill in the gaps in our procedures. She provides great insight and doesn’t shy away from addressing and bringing to light when the issue is clearly you. We have loved working with her and couldn’t recommend her more”






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our point of view

Because What You Do Matters.

If you know it’s time to lead your organization to 99th percentile performance, because to do anything less is to fail to have the impact your organization can have…read on.

Our ‘Why’ is to guide you as you reCalibrate your ‘How’ so your organization unlocks 99th percentile performance. When we choose to work together to identify and close your gaps, it is vital that we have the same end goals in mind.

For example, we believe it is entirely within reach for any organization to provide remarkable products and services, to offer a customer experience that delights and be a place where your team consistently adapts and innovates in a fluid environment. And of course, that you be profitable with positive cash flow.

We also believe that being willing to change, and see & do things differently, requires courage and discipline.  We are all about taking ACTION, and some appear to be more interested in talking about what’s wrong than doing what needs to be done to make it right.We partner with people and companies who don’t accept less than stellar performance, and are ready to do the work to accelerate their progress. 

If that describes you and your company, we’d love to get to know you…

if you're ready, we're ready!

Contact us to learn how we can work with you to co-create and implement a customized plan of action that closes the gap between potential and performance within your organization.  Our work together may have us serving as your:

•    Strategic Advisor

•    Consultancy

•    Executive Coach

•    Expert on Demand

We work exclusively with firms who have a desire to move to the next level, and with leaders who are willing to stretch and grow.

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