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Pioneering Thought Leader & Speaker Guiding Organizations in Unlocking 99th Percentile Performance inside Their Company

How to say ‘No’ and Why You Should

How to say ‘No’ and Why You Should

If You’re Unwilling to Say ‘No’ You’re Living Out Other People’s Priorities...

The Culture Hour with Cheryl Mobley

The Culture Hour with Cheryl Mobley

Actionable Tips to Move Your Company Toward 99th Percentile Performance



Cheryl provides specific tactics and actionable insights listeners can take back and apply in their role as a corporate leader or a company founder.  These are grounded in the realities of today’s business environment. 

Sessions focus on key areas of vital importance to business leaders right now.  Topics are customizable for your audience and address these issues:

  • Be 99: An Irreverent Look at What it Takes to Hit 99th Percentile Performance…Sustainably

  • The Ultimate Chokepoint: When You and Your People Just Flat Out Can’t Keep Up with the Growth Opportunities Coming Your Way…What to Do to Move Everyone Forward.

  • No Time to Waste.  Build Unbeatable Teams to Navigate the Swiftly Changing Landscape & Leapfrog Over your Competition.

She uses her proprietary Be 99 Framework to flex her presentation to best address the needs of those who have set aside their precious time and attention.

As growth is a goal for all company leaders, she provides actions the leaders can take to remove the chokepoints that face organizations either in high growth, or in more challenging business cycles. 




“ I just received some wonderful feedback on your session at ENGAGE from one of my colleagues on our learning team. She was very impressed. Congrats!  The speaker ratings by our participants rated you at 4.74 on a 5 point scale.”

Tacoma-Pierce County Chamber of Commerce  

“Thanks so much for your WONDERFUL presentation this morning!  I’ve seen many speakers in my eight years with the Chamber of Commerce.  You will always stand out in my mind with that calm, witty, and totally informative style of yours.  I really didn’t want you to finish!  We would like to have you back again next year when your schedule permits.  I will give you a call…It was a pleasure.”

Southwest King County Chamber of Commerce  

“Your 'You Thought I Said, What?’ presentation was not only entertaining, but educational as well.  We have heard nothing but good things about your presentation from our members…we understand each other better and are able to communicate more clearly!  We look forward to seeing you again in the future.”

City of SeaTac Fire Department  

“…the most unique aspect of your customized presentation was your ability to permit the various personalities to surface and how you used their unsolicited comments to your advantage in your presentation.  My compliments.”


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media bio

Cheryl Mobley is the Founder and CEO of reCalibrate LLC, a strategic advisory firm for leaders and companies who want to take their company performance to the next level…all the way to 99th percentile performance . . .sustainably.

Cheryl is both a serial entrepreneur and a former hospital President. Not only has she led her organizations in consistently achieving and maintaining stellar results, but she delights in guiding her clients in lifting their businesses on to the same track to sustainable success.  Her clients report a dramatic increase in their effectiveness and in identifying their next action steps to improve their outcomes . . .and these shifts drive bottom line improvements.

Cheryl has worked with clients across many industries in the U.S. and abroad, and has been featured in multiple media formats, including The Washington Journal, WAC, and The News Tribune.  She is a sought after speaker and podcast guest who presents on topics surrounding strategies and tactics leaders need to take to lift their company to 99th percentile performance.  

Cheryl has multiple degrees, including two master’s degrees focused on leadership, coaching and operational excellence.  While she has lived around much of the U.S., she and her husband currently live in Texas.