cheryl lynn mobley

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We know what a huge responsibility it is to select speakers, or workshop presenters…so thank you for your interest in bringing Cheryl in to share actionable insights in a candid, fresh way with your audience.

Since we value your time so much, we’ve pulled together all the information (hopefully!) you will need to decide whether to continue the conversation about bringing Cheryl in as a Speaker.

There is a short video (see below) giving you an overview of the expertise Cheryl offers, and a Speaker kit with additional detail.

We’ve also included Cheryl’s trademarked Be99™ Guiding Questions so you can get a feel for the Framework she uses when she speaks to audiences. This Framework is the result of Cheryl reverse engineering what allowed her hospital to consistently hit 99th percentile performance year over year while she served as President. She is very eager to share these practices, so that more organizations can unlock their own 99th percentile performance.

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Since her focus is all about sharing the Key Questions Your Audience Needs to Answer to Lead Their Organizations to Exceptional Performance, she is able to customize to suit the needs of your audience. Maybe they need to hear more about how to build unstoppable teams, or maybe instead they’re trying to manage growth, or it could be they are focused on how to create an environment that fosters innovation…these are all areas of focus Cheryl can address.

…because what you do matters… captures Cheryl’s purpose in all her interactions and talks. She is driven to share the powerful combination of mindset and action that give leaders the tools they need to leverage their platform in the best possible way.

We can’t believe we almost forgot this…but while not mentioned in the Speaker kit, Cheryl offers a really fun, and very unusual, talk about Safari Leadership. She recently returned from a Horse Safari in South Africa, and the leadership parallels just blew her away. Not only will your audience be able to virtually experience what it’s like to be sitting on a horse with a curious rhino approaching, she will share the leadership concepts that popped for her during this experience. As Cheryl is also a photographer, she has some amazing images that she’ll share as well...

In addition, we’ve included a calendar link here as well so you can easily schedule a time to hop on a call with Cheryl directly, so you can discuss the gaps you’re trying to fill in your program.

Thank you so much for the gift of your time!

Looking forward to chatting soon…

Be well.