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So, what’s the difference between retaining us as an Executive Coach vs. a Strategic Advisor?  

Great question!  As your Coach, we will draw from you what you are aiming for, and we will share our observations in order to serve as a mirror for you.  We still do that when we serve as your Strategic Advisor, but we add a laser focus on your business.    

We’ll walk you through the way we worked with a client so you can get a feel for it.  

So, we started working with Becca to address  ‘how’ to grow her business.  She knew she needed to do things differently, but she wasn’t sure WHAT to do next. She had built a great company over the years (about $24M top line revenue) and wanted to grow it.  

But to do that sustainably, she needed to figure out how to scale.  Many entrepreneurs get tripped up here.  She has built a thriving organization, but now she is learning how to safely and effectively let go of having to be in the middle of EVERY single thing.  Most entrepreneurs never get past this sticking point, and their companies don’t achieve the potential they could.  We are really excited to see the progress her company is making…clarity of goals, identification of the gaps between her 3 year vision and her current state, learning to delegate (and boy, that’s a tough one!), developing processes & the necessary structure, knowing what metrics to pay attention to, seeing her people step up like never before…

We have a mix of scheduled phone calls and monthly F2F meetings where we dig in.  When Becca had something she wanted us to review, we connected in between our scheduled sessions.  We’ve looked at org charts, helped set up agenda’s for upcoming meetings, walked through how to handle difficult conversations, how to manage an out of control calendar…the list goes on.  

It’s important to us at reCalibrate that we serve you well.  And to do that, we have to have street cred.  How can we advise you if we’ve not run successful companies?  We are aware of the challenges and the joys of running a company, and we look forward to working with you so you can lessen the time it takes you to see significant progress in your company.

One major thing we work with everyone on is the ability to learn to let go.  

As a hospital President, I know how hard it was for me to pry my fingers off some aspects of our business.  But, doing so was the linchpin that allowed us to continue to grow past what anyone thought possible.  And that happened because our team was incredibly engaged and consistently came up with ideas to move our hospital forward.  

The net result - YOY consistently high levels of performance on all the important metrics…quality outcomes…patient satisfaction…employee engagement…financial outcomes…We didn’t sacrifice one component of our business to achieve in another.  

At one point, I was talking with a few people on my team (who had been out and about working with people outside our hospital) and they separately commented how much they liked our ‘bubble’ and how ‘bad’ it was ‘out there’.  And I shared how much that really annoys me.  We have all worked in organizations that made us miserable, and chances are we shared our unhappiness with everyone around us (especially our poor families), and I get really angry because there is absolutely no reason for it.  Organizations can be amazing!  People can enjoy their work, can contribute greatly to the business goals while enjoying themselves.  Way too many organizations don’t deliver on this - and I hate that so many people spend most of their waking hours miserable.  It is no way to walk through life.

And the wonderful thing is - as a business owner - you are in control of this in your organization.  You can choose to operate a company that is successful on all fronts - what a gift that is!

So, this is certainly possible, and it is amazing to be able to help you move in that direction as well. 

I digress, but this success we’ve each had running successful businesses is what allows us to serve as your Advisor.  

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